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We provide a “worry-free” monitoring and maintenance service for the websites we build. For website not build by us requires an audit before we can start our maintenance services.

Website Monitoring and Maintenance - $100/Month


Here are some of our most frequently answered Maintenance questions and answers.

The Monitoring & Maintenance service is $100 per month with a 6-month or 12-month prepayment.

No, there is not a maintenance contract although we do require a 6 or 12 month pre-payment for the Maintenance service. If you are hire us for other services such Reputation Management and SEO we may be able to bundle the monthly fee and avoid the pre-payment.

We handle everything we can! If we built your site we will handle the domain and SSL registration/renewals, hosting, and all website updates. We also have systems in place that monitor your website 24 hours a day and notify us if your site goes down. If your site does go down we are on call 24-hour a day to get your site back up.

If we did not build your site then we will need to perform a audit of your site prior to starting the Maintenance service so we can make sure the site is ready for Maintenance and does not need development. The fee for the audit is $500 and is non-refundable.

If we are hosting your site within the Maintenance service and you stop that service or it expires you will be responsible for moving you site to another hosting company: we will be available to help in way necessary.